About us

NorthSurf Watersports is run by….

Toby Edmunds has 7  years experience working at and managing UK / European centres. Originally from a sailing background he holds a variety of teaching qualifications including Senior Instructor.

He has been in around the Scottish windsurfing scene for a few years now, having competed at the Wave Classic in Tiree and also worked for one of Scotland’s most successful centres.  Personally sponsored by Simmer, Loco Boards.


Laura Edmunds is also madly passionate about water sports and also comes from a sailing background.  She competed in the British Squad as a youth and now puts her energy into kitesurfing.

Often found at the beach when many of her male peers won’t dare, she has a wealth of experience and knowledge and is keen to see other girls get out on the water. Also a windsurf, surfer, and kayaker, she is rarely away from the water in her free time.