K4 Rockets now in…

So we recently took delivery of the some sets of K4 Rocket fins.  I managed a brief testing session on Sunday up at Fraserburgh with the 84lt quad and a 4.5 sail.  So a quick review of the performance is below.

Laura was also out ripping up the waves as were a few local kiters and windsurfers so its definitely not too cold and well worth the effort if you can make it to the beach. This weekend is looking promising for some wave and winds action as well. Unfortujneatly no action photos as we were a bit keen to get on the water.

Conditions: Waist high waves, dropping wind starting at 25 to 30 knots, cross shore.

Kit: 84lt quad and 4.5 Simmer Blacktip. Fins fitted were 10 rocket fronts and 14.5 rocket rears.


First run off the beach was well powered and the first thing you notice is the speed and acceleration.  I am not a lightweight, it takes a good about of power to get me going and particularly in the rip that we get at Fraserburgh.  Top speed is way faster that the stock fins I got with the quad and they shot me out back and upwind with no problem.  Loads of grip to push off the back foot with no hint of a slide out.  So coming down the wave not the cleanest set I have picked but good enough, bottom turn felt planted and powered with loads of exit speed into the top turn.  This is where there is a difference, the grip was phenomenal spitting me back down the wave with loads of acceleration allowing me to hit a mush collapsing section to get a small aerial.

So its safe to say they do what they say on the tin.  However the one thing I really noticed was the ability to keep me planning a touch longer and get me through the lulls.  The wind dropped fast and it wasn’t long before the 4.5 was really not enough to keep me on the plane.  But with the old stock fins I would have been struggling sooner and its nice to have a set of fins that will really extend and make the most of the conditions.

Final word:

My advice is get a set or at least try some and see how they make a difference to your session.